Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a Great Idea for an Invention or Improvement on One,What should I do. First?

The first thing is do not send your hard earned money to these cons.they will blow smoke so far up your ..!
First they will want you to send your designs,drawings,and complete Ideas to them. This is your First BooBoo.  You are so excited you want to tell your partner,family,friends,everybody and some do!
1) do not sketch your Idea and send it to them!
They want you to hurry and send money to get this thing started,the sooner you get Them  the Money, the sooner they can get Started.Wrong!
2) If  your idea is great (and it may be just that) then why would they care , If you don't  keep in touch, then they would have a free Idea.

       If you do have a good Idea, don't  tell everyone; as much as you want to, and with your excitement you will want  to tell people you  Know., Here is my point; You say Oh I can tell Aunt Betty, she wouldn't  tell my Idea, and no Aunt Betty Wouldn't. Now ,Aunt  Betty  thinks you got a heck of a good idea, she has always thought of you as creative and artistic mind, And she's so proud, she has to share with her hair dresser of 30 years, she wouldn't tell. You see where this is going?
Somebody down the line who Knows how too go forward with ,or finds out what  to do, will secure a patent. The thing here is, Ask yourself is this product marketable. this is the Big  dollar question, per say. It can be an absolute excellent Idea but if you can't  Design,  Market  and  Advertise this product,  and make a profit!!,  then you are just gonna spin your wheels! Sorry if this lands close to Home, but fact is fact.It must be Marketable!.
The  inventions/ business company's are gonna tell you, yes!  They are gonna profit regardless., and after they get you tagged and on the catch they are gonna really want some Bucks. For what I call the DDMMA -Design,Develope,Manufacture,Market and Advertising! Always  Before you do anything with these guys you can Go online and Check with the they have a list of these guys with Inventors and  help you  in there name,and if they have been scamming or still have suits pending. It will be posted.  Also note ; online Networks MSN .Google,and Yahoo search Engines still allow these guys to advertise, They have improved the way they scam. Just be careful and don't get caught with "Here's your sign" I Did!!!
You can find out how to get prepatent protection without spending the car payment,  just go online to   The Inventors Assistance League is one of the best non-profit  Organizations available Today.  I hope this Blog has been helpful.,at least made you stop and think, unlike what I did. I borrowed money to be a dummie!   Have A nice Day and Good Luck and many Richies.
                                                                                                                                                                 Tiger Staggs

P.S. I hope to start an Inventors  to assist new Inventors in the near Future.


  1. Good advice. You definitely want to protect your idea so someone doesn't steal it or scam you. If you hand over the management of your project to someone, make sure you are properly protected and compensated.

  2. Make sense there's allot of scams out there.

  3. i have an invention idea. and i want to sell it. its price is 5billion$